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Way-finding Map Systems

Internship at Blick Art Materials

Over the summer of 2019, I had the pleasure of interning at Blick Art Materials with their Graphic Design Team. I worked on everything from retail coupon designs to e-mail blasts to print ads, including re-designing all of their store way-finding maps. I learned a lot there about their design process, the work flow, and how graphic design is used in a retail capacity. 

roswell 2UP.jpg

The largest project I worked on and finalized during my time there was a complete re-design of all of the store way-finding maps that are displayed on coupons passed out in stores and at Blick events. I tested out new styles for the maps, presented them, and continued iterating to find the look that fit the brand best. Once an aesthetic was found, I redid the maps for all 64 stores around the United States. Along with the maps, I also re-designed the flyers that the maps are printed on to better suit the new design.

Look for my designs at your local Blick Art Materials location!


At the start of the project, I used the map of of the Roswell, Georgia location to test out new designs. I created numerous designs with different aesthetics and different typefaces, but finally this one was settled on. The idea was for the new maps to feel hand-drawn with certain icons in each map. I think the hand-drawn aspect makes the maps feel more personal to the town and people who live there.

A challenge during the design process was how to signify water. At first it was kept blank with just waves as a signal, but with rivers it was still hard to read as water. After a few iterations, we settled on this watercolor texture that went along with the hand-drawn aspect very well. 



Throughout the illustration process, certain icons were created to represent landmarks in each location. There were some that were standard, such as houses, road signs, airports, universities, museums, and train stations. However, some unique icons were created for cities that had landmarks specific to them, for example the Bean in Chicago or the White House in Washington D.C. These are just a few icons from each category.

Standard Icons: 

standard icons.png

Specialized Icons: 

DC 2up.jpg
roswell 2UP.jpg
carleplace 2up.jpg
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