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A complete web rebrand.

Margie’s Candies is a very popular, well-known ice cream place in Chicago. Despite their awesomeness, not everyone knows about this amazing place because their web presence doesn’t really show how great they are. I decided to redesign their website and create an e-newsletter, app, and web banner ad to reflect their awesomeness.


Currently, the Margie's Candies website has a lot of extraneous information- too many words and almost no visuals of the ice cream and candy that they offer. In my design, I wanted to highlight their desserts and simplify the homepage to only show what is necessary. For the online menu, I organized it into different sections, which they do not do currently, and arranged the dishes in a more orderly way.



Margie’s does not currently have an app, but what they do have is a long wait-time on summer nights. With this app, one can walk through a 360° video of the store to discover interesting facts about its history, and possibly even win a free scoop! I created this app as a fun way to keep people busy while waiting, provide an incentive to visit Margie’s, and allow users to interact with the brand in a new way.


As far as I know, Margie’s does not currently send out e-newsletters. In the design, I wanted the newsletter to reflect the simplicity of the website and share information efficiently while drawing in the receiver with nice photos. I also thought it would be nice to showcase/promote the app in the newsletter so that more people could be exposed to it.

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