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Ready Rice Bistro

A PR Campaign for Uncle Ben's Ready Rice

In one of my courses, we were put in groups of 5 and tasked with creating a PR campaign for a real client: Uncle Ben's Ready Rice. We were given a brief from the client, and went to work. After 10 weeks of research, planning, and preparation, we presented our campaign to the client representatives. My team was awarded second place for our campaign, out of 6 teams total. 


Project Brief

The Challenge

Encourage the target audience (Millennials) to view Uncle Ben's Ready Rice as a versatile, accessible, and relevant brand among competitors in the market place, while still staying true to their brand value of family and togetherness.

The Solution

After weeks of conducting primary and secondary research, we have created the Ready Rice Bistro. The Bistro is a traveling pop-up restaurant that would be featured in 8 locations across the US. The Bistro would serve various meals to showcase the versatility of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice, while also creating a memorable experience for friends to share together. 

The Process

Step 1: Research, Research, Research

After analyzing the product brief, doing extensive secondary research, and comparing Uncle Ben's to their competitors over social media, we created a SWOT analysis to understand the areas of weakness and improvement we should focus on, and what strong areas we could capitalize on

Uncle Ben's Campaign Team 2.jpg
Uncle Ben's Campaign Team 2 (1).jpg

To further our research, we conducted primary research with real consumers. This consisted of a survey which received 158 responses, 32 grocery store in-person interviews, and 2 focus groups. The data we received from this research gave us a better understanding of our consumers, what they want, and how they viewed Uncle Ben's. We also created personality profiles of two prospective consumers.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 3.00.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 2.59.50 PM.png

Step 2: Synthesize

After our research we began conceptualizing ideas for a campaign. We found 3 truths that led us to our idea.

Uncle Ben's Campaign Team 2 (2).jpg

Step 3: Planning and Execution

From these truths, we came up with the idea of Uncle Ben's Bistro- a pop up restaurant experience serving Uncle Ben's rice featured in a variety of dishes. To heighten consumer involvement and social media activity, the experience was free as long as the customer was following Uncle Ben's Ready Rice on Instagram. We also conceptualized ideas for "instagrammable moments"that would be installations set up for attendees to take pictures with and post with the #ReadyRiceBistro

Uncle Ben's Campaign Team 2 (4).jpg

One of the instagrammable moments was a wall filled with shelves of Uncle Ben's Ready Rice that consumers could take as a souvenir, encouraging them to try the product on their own at home, which would hopefully create a returning customer as well.

Uncle Ben's Campaign Team 2 (3).png

Another idea was a gigantic bowl of fake rice for attendees to take pictures in. From our research we knew that millennials would be intrigued by something unique and photo-friendly like this.

Guests would also receive menus of the four different dishes served at the pop-up. These would be for them to keep, as it also outlines a recipe on the back using Uncle Ben's Ready Rice, to encourage and show consumers how easy and accessible cooking with Uncle Ben's is.

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 11.04.07
Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 11.04.16

Although the campaign would mostly be fueled and promoted through the media by various food influencers, there would also be some local advertising on the web and on public transportation. Here is an example of what could be a bus/train ad or a web-banner.

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